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A Impactful Partnership:

The NICP and Accredible 

As the National Institute for Crime Prevention (NICP) leads the way in CPTED, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Accredible, a trailblazing digital credentialing platform. This partnership seamlessly integrates NICP’s expertise in CPTED through in-depth training, both in-person and online, with Accredible’s cutting-edge digital credentials.

How is Works?

Upon completing your NICP CPTED course, you’ll receive a digital credential from Accredible. This digital badge not only validates your mastery of CPTED principles but transforms your accomplishment into a shareable, verifiable testament to your commitment to community and business safety.

Complete Your CPTED Course

Complete your Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design course through the NICP’s in-person events or online training.

Receive Your Accredible Digital Credential

After completion, your digital credential from Accredible arrives by email, ready to showcase your certification. 

Share Your CPTED Journey

Display your digital badge proudly, opening doors to new opportunities and contributing to the creation of safer communities.

Your Gateway to Certification

For over two decades, The National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP) has been a pioneer in delivering onsite CPTED training to a diverse array of professionals, spanning law enforcement officers, architects, city planners, and educators. Committed to fostering safer environments, NICP has earned recognition as a trusted authority in the area of crime prevention through environmental design.

Through a strategic collaboration with Accredible, NICP has expanded its reach, now extending its CPTED training to individuals worldwide through online training. This partnership enables the NICP to cater to a broader audience, empowering more individuals to acquire their CPTED training certificate, regardless of their geographical location.

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Key Advantages

  • Instant Validation: Prove your expertise instantly with a digitally verifiable credential, reinforcing your credibility among peers and employers.
  • Amplify Your Influence: Share your digital badge across professional networks and social platforms, amplifying the impact of your CPTED efforts.
  • Persistent Value: Your digital credential serves as an enduring representation of your dedication to advancing CPTED principles, maintaining its relevance throughout your career.
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Exploring a Digital Certificate

We chose to collaborate with Accredible due to its features crafted to enhance your credential management experience. This includes seamless access, effortless social sharing, and user-friendly views of both your current and expiring certifications.

Seamless Access

Experience the convenience of receiving your digital credential effortlessly through a secure email link. Instantly access and showcase your achievements with a simple click.

User Credential Dashboard

Navigate through your accomplishments effortlessly with our user-friendly grid view. See all your credentials over time at a glance, streamlining your professional profile for maximum impact.

Share with Ease on Social Media

Amplify your success by sharing your credential across multiple social media platforms. Broadcast your achievements to a broader audience, fostering professional connections and opportunities.

How are certificates issued?

All NICP CPTED course certificates are issued through the digital certificate platform, Accredible.

When will my certificate be issued?

Once you have completed an NICP CPTED course you will receive an email with a link to your certificate dashboard.  The NICP uses the email provided to register for your online courses or provided when you registered in person using the QR code.

What if I can't find my certificate?

If the email isn’t in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  If you still can’t locate the email, it may have been blocked by your organization’s firewall.  In this case, we will need to send the email link to your personal email address.

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