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A Powerful Partnership:

The NICP and Thinkific 

The National Institute for Crime Prevention (NICP), a globally recognized organization with over two decades of expertise in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training, is thrilled to highlight our strategic partnership with Thinkific, a leading online course platform.

In 2020, the NICP transitioned 64 hours of in-person education to a flexible online environment that now reaches more customers around the globe using Thinkific’s robust learning management system.

Why Thinkific?

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing educational outreach, The NICP has chosen to partner with Thinkific. Thinkific is a cutting-edge platform that empowers organizations to create and deliver online courses seamlessly. This collaboration aims to bring The NICP’s wealth of knowledge and expertise to a global audience through the convenience of online learning.

Accessible CPTED Training

Experience The NICP’s renowned CPTED training in a digital format. Thinkific’s platform allows professionals and enthusiasts worldwide to access high-quality training conveniently.

User-Friendly Learning Environment 

Thinkific’s intuitive interface ensures a smooth learning experience. Navigate through courses effortlessly, engage with interactive content, and gain insights from The NICP’s experts at your own pace.

Global Impact

The NICP’s mission to create safer communities aligns seamlessly with Thinkific’s commitment to education. Together, we aim to empower individuals globally with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance safety and security.

Reaching more customers with Thinkific

For more than 25 years, The NICP has been at the forefront of providing onsite CPTED training to a diverse range of professionals, including law enforcement officers, architects, city planners, and educators. With a commitment to creating safer environments, The NICP has established itself as a trusted authority in the field of crime prevention.

Since partnering with Thinkific, NICP is able to reach more customers looking to obtain their CPTED training no matter where they are located around the world.

What this means for you?

You can gain expertise from The NICP’s years of experience delivered conveniently through an online training experience and available anywhere you live in the world. 
  • Take the both Basic CPTED and Advanced CPTED online
  • Earn your CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) certification
  • Work at your own pace
  • Open to participants World Wide
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
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How is the course curriculum presented?

The course information is presented in a presentation format with audio to provide greater detail. There are some short videos that illustrate the material presented in each module. Throughout the modules there will be short 5 questions quizzes after each topic is completed. There are three graded projects included in the course. At the conclusion of the course there is a 50 question final exam.

How are the hands-on activities/assignments conducted?

In Module 3: Park Blueprint Exercise – you will submit a list of CPTED requirements/recommendations for a specific park on the principles discussed in the course. A park blueprint is provided for this activity. In Module 5: In the CPTED for Schools module you will complete a school safety charrette based on the guidelines provided in the lesson. In Module 8: Final Blueprint Exercise you will be required to conduct a site plan review of either a transit facility or school utilizing blueprints provided. For all three assignments you will submit a typed list within the assignment blocks on the platform. A minimum score of 80% must be earned to successfully complete the assignments.

Want to Know More?

Download the Thinkific Case Study on our Partnership!

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