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CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) Credential Bundle

Price: $999

Description: This bundle includes both the 40 Hour Basic and 24 Hour Advanced CPTED courses required for earning the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) credential. Purchasing the bundle saves $40 off the individual course fees

Curriculum Content: Basic CPTED Course and Advanced CPTED Course

Training On Your Schedule

The online Basic CPTED Course is on demand, go at your own pace, & there is no deadline for completion.

Internationally Recognized

All of the NICP’s CPTED courses are open to participants worldwide and provides the opportunity to earn our CPTED Professional Designation (CPD). The CPD is recognized internationally and currently there are CPTED Professional Designation holders on six continents. Looking forward to adding Antarctica to the list!

40 Hour Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Training Course and field assessment & exam

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24 hour Advanced CPTED course covers: Second course needed to earn the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I earn the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) certification?

Recognition, Credibility, Opportunity – Earning the NICP CPTED Professional Designation Certification is confirmation that you have developed expertise in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, skills, and applications essential for creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable human environments.  It demonstrates your commitment to professional development, better design, and participating in a network of professional that include community engagement and safety as part of their vision.

What Are the Requirements for Earning the NICP's CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) certification?

The requirements for earning the NICP’s CPD are:

  • Completion of the NICP’s 5 Day (40 Hour) Basic CPTED course 
  • Completion of the NICP’s 3 Day (24 Hour) Advanced CPTED course 
  • Completing the Basic & Advanced CPTED courses within a 2-year period
  • The CPD is valid for a period of 4 years.
  • CPD Renewal does require completing an NICP 2 Day (16 Hour) CPTED renewal course prior to the CPD expiration date.

How Do I Renew the NICP's CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) certification?

By completing an NICP 2 Day (16 Hour) CPTED renewal course prior to the CPD expiration date. The courses for CPD renewal are available online or in person. 

Can I transfer credits from another CPTED training provider to use towards the NICP CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) certification?

No. The NICP has established the curriculum and requirements for the CPD based on accepted professional standards for CPTED training. The NICP’s CPTED training includes graded assessments/exams that must be administered by NICP personnel. The NICP maintains the records and scores for those that attend the courses. The NICP maintains a searchable international database of CPD holders to provide to organizations, agencies, or companies searching for CPTED professionals.

What is the NICP CPTED Professional Directory?

The NICP provides a publicly accessible directory for CPTED Practitioners that earn and maintain the CPD credential.  The NICP does not automatically add all CPD holders to the directory for privacy reasons.

How can I create my CPTED Professional Directory Entry?

If you have earned the CPD, when you log into your NICP dashboard, on, you will see a menu item “Edit Directory Profile.” When selected this will allow you to set up your directory entry. If you choose to create an entry, you can determine what information you want visible. Any information you don’t want to display publicly, leave it blank. The directory entry does allow for including a company logo, a photo, and a short biography.  Once you have created your entry you can view it in the directory and make edits as needed.

Does the CPD require a membership or annual fee to maintain the CPD certification?

No, there are no membership or yearly fees required to maintain the NICP CPD.

What is required for the graded CPTED. Field Assessment and Presentation?

You will need to locate a site within your community and have it approved by the NICP. Once approved, you will visit the site and utilizing a CPTED Field Assessment form you will conduct a CPTED site assessment. You will then put together a presentation of your findings following the presentation rubric provided. You will submit both your field form, and presentation for a grade. While visiting the site you will need to take pictures, conduct user interviews, and talk with a property stakeholder about issues being experienced at the site. You will also be required to collect demographics and crime data for the site.

How is the course curriculum presented?

The course information is presented in a presentation format with audio to provide greater detail. There are some short videos that illustrate the material presented in each module. Throughout the modules there will be short 5 questions quizzes after each topic is completed. There are three graded projects included in the course. At the conclusion of the course there is a 50 question final exam.

I already renewed my CPD certification, but received an email that my CPD has expired?

If you have already renewed your CPD and have received your CPD Renewal Certificate & Badge, please disregard this message. The Accredible platform doesn’t currently allow the NICP a way to link the previous CPD certificate with the renewal certificate and continues to send out expiration notices.

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