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Joell S McNew

Safeguard Strategy Crime Prevention Consultants

Austin TX

I've had the privilege of embarking on various careers, but it's amidst the shadows of tragedy that I discovered my true calling in crime prevention and public safety. I take great pride in being a CPTED Practitioner, with my expertise recognized by my membership in esteemed organizations such as the US CPTED Association, ASIS, and IACLEA. My journey led me to become a founding member and assume the role of President at SafeHorns, a non-profit organization established in 2016 by UT Austin parents, driven by the commitment to enhance safety on and around the University of Texas at Austin.

As a devoted parent of a UT student, my life and that of my family took an irrevocable turn when tragedy struck in April 2016, as my son's classmate, Haruka Weiser, fell victim to a horrific crime on campus. Since that fateful day, I have dedicated my efforts to making a difference in Austin and nationwide. My mission entails education, advocacy, and collaboration with stakeholders to foster the creation of safer, more secure communities for all.

In 2016, I received an award from the Central Texas Crime Prevention Association for being an Outstanding Crime Prevention Citizen. Since 2006 my primary career has been working in the aerospace manufacturing industry. I first learned of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design during a registrar assessment for our aerospace company’s ISO 9001:2015 re-certification audit. This introduction to CPTED helped develop my passion for learning more about safety and security in the built environment.

I am very passionate about crime prevention, community engagement, and building relationships that will help improve safety. Over the last 7 years, I have built a strong foundation in the public safety sector which has led me to pursue a new career by establishing Safeguard Strategy Crime Prevention Consulting. I've logged thousands of training hours in physical security, threat assessments, and CPTED for K-12, Charter Schools, and Higher Education. I continue my educational pursuits to learn more effective ways to educate, empower, and improve the quality of life in the communities I serve.


Organization:Safeguard Strategy Crime Prevention Consultants



Date Earned CPTED2022-04-08

Date Earned Expires2026-04-08


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