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CPTED Courses

The NICP offers in-person, on-site, and online CPTED training courses.  Listed below is additional information on our courses including topic lists, agendas, and links to our in-person training calendar and online training.

Internationally Recognized

All of the NICP’s CPTED courses are open to participants worldwide and provides the opportunity to earn our CPTED Professional Designation (CPD). The CPD is recognized internationally and currently there are CPTED Professional Designation holders on six continents. Looking forward to adding Antarctica to the list!

Advantages of In- Person Training

  • Sociability – Networking with other CPTED Practitioners during the course
  • Immediacy – Ability to get immediate answers to questions and feedback on classwork from the NICP’s knowledgeable CPTED instructors
  • Cooperative Learning – Hands-on activities are more dynamic and allow a more fluid exchange of ideas in an in-person setting
  • Diversity – The opportunity to work with various professionals that will be part of your CPTED team
  • Customizable – The NICP instructors can adjust the curriculum to the needs of the participants
  • Satisfaction – In-person training courses typically have higher satisfaction ratings
  • Dedicated Timeframe – The in-person training requires participants to complete the course in a dedicated period of time

Advantages of Online Training

  • Flexibility – The NICP’s Online CPTED training courses can be taken anytime, anywhere. This ensures flexibility in terms of time and effort.
  • Mobility – The NICP’s Online CPTED training courses can be taken anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Cost Effective & Efficient – There are no travel expenses for the online training courses, and material can be studied at your own pace to meet your schedule and needs.
  • Online Support – The NICP provides support via online discussions, email, and scheduled meetings to support our students.
  • Easy Accessibility – The NICP’s CPTED course material is easily accessible through the online platform and can be reviewed even after the course is completed.
  • Curriculum and Learning Support – Module quizzes offers students the ability to understand where they stand in terms of knowledge. Students can review material and make corrections before moving on to new material. This helps better prepare students for the final exam.

Basic CPTED Training

CPTED Professional Designation
(CPD) Qualifying Course

  • Introduction to CPTED
  • CPTED Strategies and Concepts
  • Human Behavior and CPTED
  • Barriers – Real vs. Symbolic/Fencing, Landscaping, & Interior Walls
  • Lighting For Safety
  • Planning, Zoning, and CPTED
  • Writing a CPTED Ordinance/Overlay Districts
  • Neighborhood Review – Applying CPTED Strategies (practical exercise)
  • CPTED Report Writing
  • Understanding Site Plans
  • Group Site Plan Reviews (practical exercise)
  • Traffic Calming and CPTED
  • CPTED Around the Globe
  • CPTED Field Assessments (field exercise)
  • CPTED Field Assessment Group Presentations (practical exercise)
  • Graded Exam

Advanced CPTED Training

CPTED Professional Designation
(CPD) Qualifying Course

  • The Effect of Color on Human Behavior
  • Schools & CPTED (practical exercise)
  • Security for Schools
  • Public Art and CPTED
  • Terrorism and CPTED
  • Public Transportation & CPTED (practical exercise)
  • Parks and CPTED
  • Parks Site Plan Review (practical exercise)
  • Comfort Station Design & CPTED
  • Graded Exam

Specialized Topics Course

CPTED Professional Designation
(CPD) Renewal Course

  • Specialized Topics Courses allow you to expand your CPTED knowledge in specific areas
  • The 2 Day (16 Hour) Specialized Topics courses can be used to renew the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation
  • The Specialized Topics Course currently available:
    • CPTED and Placemaking (available for on-site training)
    • CPTED and Parks (available for on-site training)
    • CPTED and Houses of Worship (available for on-site training & will launch online Summer 2022)
    • CPTED and Physical Security (Conducting a CPTED Security Survey) (available for on-site training)
    • CPTED and Schools (available online and for on-site training)
    • CPTED Communities (available online and for on-site training)
    • CPTED and Healthcare Facilities (available for on-site training & will launch online early 2023)
    • CPTED and Cannabis Facilities (available for on-site training & will launch online early 2023)

Benefits of Attending

Cities and Counties throughout the country are adopting CPTED ordinances requiring site plan reviews with crime prevention in mind. Law enforcement officers who are specially trained in CPTED are now working closely with Planners, Architects, City Officials, and Educators to ensure the proper design of structures, schools, and neighborhoods. Participants will learn how the design and use of the environment can control human / criminal behavior and reduce the fear of crime. They will learn crime prevention through natural means. How natural access control and natural surveillance decrease the opportunity for crime. Participants will learn the different aspects of lighting and its effects on human behavior. Participants will work together on a site survey and provide a group presentation of their results using CPTED strategies. They will learn the advantages of having a CPTED ordinance and how to construct and present one to lawmakers.

Who Should Attend

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Crime Prevention Personnel
  • School Resource Officers
  • Community Service Officers
  • Security Consultants
  • City Planners
  • Urban Planners
  • Park Planners
  • Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Engineers
  • Public Health Personnel
  • City Administrators
  • Educators
  • Neighborhood Redevelopment
  • Economic Redevelopment
  • Homeland Security
  • Code Enforcement
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Public Art Personnel
  • Lighting & Utility Personnel
  • Crime Free Personnel
  • Non Profit Organizations

CPTED Specialized Topics - Houses of Worship is now available!