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CPTED, which stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, is a crime prevention strategy used to improve the safety and security of communities, design of buildings, and public spaces. CPTED is an approach that uses good design, public safety, and placemaking to create environments that discourage criminal activity and promote positive social interaction.

What is a CPTED certification, and why is it beneficial?

A CPTED certification is a professional credential that demonstrates a person’s expertise in designing and improving environments that limit opportunities for crime, improves safety, and creates community. This credential indicates that you have completed Basic and Advanced NICP CPTED Training and understand the principles and practices of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design through testing and practical classroom exercises. CPTED certifications provide a common language and framework for addressing good design as it relates to crime reduction and community safety. It also demonstrates a commitment to professional development and expertise in CPTED.

Who can receive a CPTED certification?

Anyone can earn a CPTED certification, but this credential is particularly useful for professionals who work in fields related to design, community safety, crime prevention, and security.

A CPTED certification is beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Public Safety Professionals: Law enforcement, fire department, code enforcement, crime prevention, emergency services, etc.
  • Design & Planning Professionals: Architects, city planners, urban planners, developers, etc.
  • Security Professionals: Corporate security, physical security, government security, security engineering, cyber security, etc.
  • Critical Infrastructure Professionals: Engineers, utility security teams, CIS facility security managers, etc.
  • Healthcare Facilities Professionals: Facility management and administration, security professionals, facility management and administration
  • Schools and Campus Professionals: School resource officers, school safety and security personnel, school and campus administration
  • Public Health Professionals
  • Nonprofits: All organizations involved in improving community safety, health, sustainability and quality of life

What are the advantages when you earn the certificate?

CPTED Training helps you gain the knowledge and confidence you need in order for you to implement CPTED in your city, neighborhood, park, downtown, school, or building.

Improves credibility
The NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) credential can improve your professional credibility and increase your visibility in the industry. It can enhance your skills and knowledge in crime prevention and security, which can lead to better job opportunities and increased earning potential

Business advantage
Earning the NICP’s CPD credential gives your business an advantage; many clients require the design team to include a CPTED certified professional. The NICP’s CPD credential helps you develop relationships with other design and safety proffesionals in this field, which can lead to collaboration and partnership opportunities

Public safety
Ultimately, CPTED certifications and training help improve the quality of life for people in our communities. Applying CPTED can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and is a great way to create safe, sustainable, and healthy communities.

How do I earn the CPTED certification?

To earn the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation credential, a participant must successfully complete sixty-four hours of instruction offered through the NICP within two consecutive years. Course curriculum includes forty-hours of training in Basic CPTED and twenty-four hours of training in Advanced CPTED training. CPTED training from another training provider cannot be used as credit for the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation. online CPTED certification:

  • The Basic CPTED Course is a forty – hour course which teaches a student the proper design and effective use of the built and social environment to achieve a more productive use of space and a reduction of crime. Along with plan review, report writing, presentation skills, lighting, planning & zoning, and behavioral management.
  • The Advanced CPTED Course is a twenty-four hour course which will focus on specialized topics such as parks, public art, schools, terror mitigation, site plan reviews, and color & human behavior – all utilizing CPTED concepts and strategies.

To maintain the designation, a NICP CPTED Professional must successfully complete the sixteen hour CPTED Update course offered by NICP, which will include specialized topics. Upon completion of a CPTED Update course, the designation will be renewed for a period of four years from the date of the Update course. The NICP, Inc. offers individual in-person and online courses. The NICP can also provide on site training for your organization.

If you’re interested in earning the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) designation here’s what to do:

Complete the Basic and Advanced CPTED Courses: Basic and Advanced CPTED Training either in person or online.

  1. Register for NICP CPTED Training: Register for the online course here on the secure NICP website! Register for in person courses here.
    • For online training, after registering, you’ll receive login credentials to access the online course. The online courses are self-paced You can complete the course at a time that’s most convenient for you.
    • For in person training you will receive the course registration confirmation. This will include the training location, agenda, and course details.Complete the online or in person course:
  2. Pass the exams and required course assignments: Once you complete the required course hours, class assignments, and exams, you then have earned the NICP CPTED Professional Designation. (CPD).
  3. Maintain your certification: The NICP requires that individuals recertify every four years to ensure that you have the most recent, up-to-date training. This can be done either online or in person.

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