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Non-profit Groups or Personnel

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies are ideal for Non-profit organizations and personnel.  Any organizations involved in improving community safety, health, and quality of life can apply CPTED principles to projects as a cost-effective approach to reducing opportunities for crime and increased community engagement.  Having nonprofit organizations collaborate with municipal staff, public safety groups, architects, planners, and community partners to include CPTED at the design phase of all community projects is the best way to create safe, sustainable, and healthy neighborhoods. CPTED can also be applied by nonprofit organizations to existing community areas.  Having nonprofit organizations work with businesses and community partners to applying CPTED in unsafe areas has been proven to lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, as well as an improvement in quality of life.


Many nonprofit organizations are applying CPTED strategies in their communities at all levels. This leads to an improved quality of life for community members. Having the NICP, Inc.’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD) credential will help you create a CPTED team in your organization, develop CPTED programs in your community, and prepares you to apply CPTED in the field. 

CPTED Specialized Topics - Houses of Worship is now available!